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The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation of Jacksonville is a not-for-profit agency.  Our mission is to help you and your family find effective treatment and support.  As a public service organization, we seek to educate and inform mental health professionals and the Jacksonville community about OCD and its related disorders.  We serve the communities located in North and Central Florida as well as South Georgia.

The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation of Jacksonville is an affiliate of the International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation located in Boston, Massachusetts. You can access their web site at: www.ocfoundation.org.

If you are a professionally trained therapist and you would like our Board to provide information to persons or families of individuals with OCD about your practice, please complete the form available via the Professionals link to the left and mail it to us.

(Please note our new phone number: 1-888-311-0619)

OCD Jacksonville Officers

Frank Morelli, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Brian Fisak, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Vice President

Michael Bennett, MBA
Certified Addictions Professional

Ashley Beech-Mavrantzas, MSW
Social Work Intern

Martha Lupo McPheeters
Board Member at Large